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24GHz Anti-collision Radar for Bicycles

24GHz Anti-collision Radar for Bicycles developed by Insightica is a radar module for bicycles for rear approaching warnings. The radar is powered by a rechargeable battery with integrated charge management, LED warning light and Bluetooth communication module. 

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Product Details

QRCW1321 is a reliable and lightweight anti-collision radar for bicycles, which not only using lights to actively alert the rear vehicle when it is approaching, but 

also sending information about the coming rear vehicle to the upper computer (APP) via Bluetooth protocol, alerting cyclists to avoid it reasonably.

QRCW1321 integrates millimeter wave radar sensor with bicycle tail light, forming a linkage communication between radar sensor, tail light module and the upper computer (APP) 

to display multi-dimensional information to reduce potential wind direction during cycling. The radar sensor can monitor the rear coming vehicle (typical size of small cars) within 50 meters 

and at the same time control the tail light (main light) to flash quickly for alerts to achieve the first safety warning. Besides, the radar monitoring information will also be uploaded to the upper 

computer (APP) through Bluetooth protocol, the cell phone APP display interface will show the information of the rear coming vehicle in the form of red dots moving as the second safety warning. 

Finally, when the rider brakes, the bicycle tail light (main light) will again remind the following vehicle to pay attention to safety in the form of constant lighting, playing a third warning role. 

The product is based on the collaboration of the radar sensor with the tail light and the upper computer (APP) to minimize the safety risk during the ride.


Low power consumption of only 0.6W.

Support Bluetooth communication, allowing for wireless docking.

Support static object filtering with high accuracy.

Unaffected by temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, Light, etc., suitable for harsh environments

Low output power, no harm to human body

The product supports secondary development and system integration, and applies to a variety of scenario.


Rear-end bicycle warning

Of the bicycle accident fatalities investigated, 40% of accidents originated from rear-end tailgating and cutting. Safety is always in the mind of all cyclists, and a device that can assist in judging rear coming vehicles will greatly improve riders' safety. QRCW1321 is like a pair of "wise eyes" behind the vehicle, protecting the cyclist's riding safety.

Rapidly approaching motor vehicles from the rear pose a greater safety hazard to bicycles. QRCW1321 will reduce the safety risk in this scenario by radar detection, flashing tail light and upper computer display. For motorists, the fast flashing taillight can alert the rear driver of the presence of the bicycle and regulate the driving. The rider can also be informed of rear coming vehicles within 50m through the display of the host computer (APP), reducing the risk of riding. When the rider brakes, the tail light is always on to remind the following drivers to slow down and avoid the traffic.

Technical Parameter
Technical Parameters

System Characteristics

Transmitting frequency
Transmitting power

Communication interfaceBLE

Detection distance
Velocity detection range
Beam widthSquare Plane
Pitch plane

Other characteristics

Weight15.8g (PCBA)
Size50x92x12mm (PCBA)


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